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RWR Lasso, or “Lasso” is our small little guy who’s been working hard to help us clean up the genetic diseases in the breed. He is clear of all genetic diseases, and is very small. He throws tiny pups as well. He is 13-14” tall and 18lbs. He is the sire to “Pistol” and “Turbo”.



4E Turbo Diesel, or “Turbo” has quickly became top dog here. He was born in September 2020 out of the “Sasha” and “Lasso” litter. He is ideally what I’d love to see in the Miniature Australian Cattle Dog breed. Wonderfully built, beautiful head shape, short and stocky, and a great temperament. Turbo is the WHOLE tiny package!

He has won so many huge accomplishments in his young life already. He has championed out in the show ring and earned his Elite Grand Champion title in February 2022. His biggest win was the Triple Crown Champion at the fall 2021 ASDR show. Winning best in show, of the best in shows from all 3 shows, out of a total of over 450 incredible dogs! At that same show, he also helped me in winning Breeders Showcase as well, which was the biggest honor a breeder can ask for. (Oh the happy tears that were shed that weekend!)

He has also won numerous best Male, and best of breed awards as both a puppy and adult.

He is now a wonderful producing sire here for me. His first couple of litters have been a hit in producing some super nice babies! Stay tuned for more amazing litters out of him in the future.



SJK Cactus, or “Cactus” was a great addition in Fall 2020 to help us add a little variety to the bloodlines coming up in the future. Cactus is a gorgeous well built little guy who carries the chocolate gene and is clear of all genetic diseases! He has a beautiful mask, and a fun personality. He is always happy to see anyone, and to just hang around. He is right around 15” tall and 25-30lbs.



Reference Sire, now in his retirement home.

4E Kawliga, or “Kawliga”, is our stunning chocolate boy. He has produced two litters for me so far. He throws very small pups, with blocky heads, and great muscling. He is built like a tank, but is as sweet as a teddy bear! He is about 15” tall and 25-30 lbs of solid muscle. He is the sire to “Sasha” and the grand sire to “Nova”.



Reference Sire, now in his retirement home.

RWR Truffle, “Truffles” is a reference sire. He no longer lives with us, and is loving his new life with his family. He is 13” tall and 15lbs. He is a carrier of PRA only.



Reference Sire, now in his retirement home.

4E Ranch Boss, or “Ranch” is the main man around here. He was our first ever male, and boy is he a looker! He is short and so stout! He has an official show height of 15” tall and 20 lbs of muscle. He throws the most perfect and stunning pups each time. He is the sire to “Nova.”



4E SuperNova’s Cosmic Wonder, or “Cosmo” is another awesome young guy here that is one to look for! He is out of Nova and Cactus in their 2021 litter. He’s a beautiful heavily mottled blue with a dash of color on his face. He will be a year old in June. Before then, he will have achieved all his puppy titles by then, and will start on his adult titles after his birthday. Judges have had nothing but wonderful things to say about him and his conformation. He has won his fair share of best male, best of breed, and best and reserve best in show awards already! He has such a bright future ahead of him!

He is completely clear of all genetic diseases, and carries the chocolate gene. Right now he’s sitting at about 14” tall but I’m assuming he will stop growing at about 15-16” tall and 25-30lbs.

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