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high quality, healthy babies

The highest quality and healthy babies are always our top priority!

From the bloodlines we choose, to breeding for structural soundness, working ability, the agility aspect, ideal build and conformation, ideal temperament, and by doing full genetic health panel testing. We put all the focus into carefully selecting breedings to create the best possible litter each and every time.

Most of our dogs are registered with ASDR (American Stock Dog Registry) and their litters are registered as well.

All of our adult breeding dogs are fully genetic tested to ensure we do not produce genetic disease affected pups.

At most, our pups could be carriers of a genetic disease, meaning they themselves will never be affected by any genetic diseases, but their puppies could be, if bred to an affected or another carrier mate of the same disease.

Through careful breeding, we are trying to do our part in creating more genetically clear puppies, that are free of all genetic diseases known to the breed.

To ensure each puppy is healthy before leaving us, they all make a trip to our vet for a full checkup at 6 weeks old. While there, they get their first puppy shots, a fecal exam to make sure they get treated for any possible internal parasites, their first monthly dose of heart worm, internal parasite, and flea prevention. After their clean bill of health, they will get their health certificates and copies of vet records, and can leave for their forever homes two weeks later.

Our babies leave for their new families at 8 weeks old. They will have a full puppy kit with a baggie of our food, toys, a collar, puppy pads for their trip home, their papers if they are registered, health certificates, vet records, an information packet, and other goodies.

We are also happy to announce that we will be incorporating the Volhard puppy aptitude test in all of our future litters, to even better help determine their personalities closer, and to better match each pup to their new family.

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upcoming litters

the future is bright

Ember x Lasso
Ember is 14” tall and less than 20lbs. Lasso is 13-14” tall and less than 20lbs as well. This litter could be clear of all genetic diseases or at most be carriers of PRA. They will all be tested at 2wks of age, to see which are clear and which are carriers. This litter will be very tiny mini size. They will be registered. The wait list for this litter is FULL unless she has more puppies than I took deposits for.  She is confirmed bred, and due around Mid March 2021.

Ash X Copper
Ash is confirmed BRED to Copper for their litter of very special babies! I have been dying for this litter to be born since the first time I saw a slate heeler... There is possibilities for blues, reds, chocolates, slates, and even lilacs from this cross!! She should be due at the end of March, to first of April. This litter probably will most likely not be mini size, unless one or two end up staying small. I expect they’ll almost all be small standards. Ash is blue and carries slate and chocolate. She is 16-17” tall and 25-30lbs. Copper is chocolate sable and carries slate. He is 17-18” tall and 35lbs. Ash is completely clear of all genetic diseases. Copper is a PRA carrier only. So there should be some carriers only, and some clear of all genetic diseases in the litter. Each pup in the litter will be genetic tested to see which are clear and which are carriers when they are a couple weeks old. This litter will be registered once I get the parents paperwork finished. I do still have some spots left on this wait list. I feel like this will be quite a few in the litter, so I’m going to take a few more for this one.

Planned litters for 2022
We haven’t made concrete decisions yet on which males to use on some of the girls. Which is why you may see some question marks by them. As soon as we make decisions on them, they will be posted. As always we are trying to plan out the best possible crosses, to create the highest quality litters.

Bonnie X Kawliga
Bonnie is 13.5” tall, Kawliga is 15” tall. Blues and chocolates. PRA and/or PLL carriers at most. Possibly some genetic clear of all diseases.

Rain X Kawliga
Rain is 14” tall, Kawliga is 15” tall. Blues and chocolates. PLL carriers at most, or genetically clear of all diseases.

Peanut X Lasso or Cactus
Peanut is 15” tall and 28lbs. Lasso is 13-14” tall and less than 20lbs. Cactus is 14-15” tall and 23lbs. Both boys are clear of all diseases so this litter bred to either male will be all PRA carriers only. They will be registered. Most will be mottled blues. She will be bred on her next heat after she gets done being shown at the upcoming ASDR dog shows this spring.

Future Pairings:

Diva X Lasso
This will be my tiniest litter ever. Diva is the smallest girl on the place at an official show height of 11.5” tall and 12lbs. Lasso is my one of my smallest boy here, at 13-14” tall and 15-20lbs. This litter will all be carriers PRA only. Diva is being shown in the upcoming ASDR dog shows this spring. So I am planning to breed them this fall once Diva has her next heat. The wait list for this litter is FULL unless she has more than I have taken deposits for. This litter will be all blue and blue mottled. They will be registered, and very very tiny.

Nova X Cactus
This will be a super nice litter to watch! Should be some very nice built, thick, stocky babies! Nova is 14” tall and 20lbs. Cactus is 14-15” tall and about 23lbs. We should see some mottled babies and lots of masks. These two will be bred on Novas next heat cycle.

Sasha X ??
I still haven’t fully decided what route to go with breeding Sasha. But I am really leaning towards breeding her to Cactus as well. Sasha is one of my most correct and best built girls here. She is the perfect size mini to me. Very stocky and small but not too tiny. She is 13-14” tall and 22lbs. If bred to Cactus, the puppies could be either clear of all genetic diseases, or be carriers of PRA and/or PLL at most. All will be tested at 2wks of age to see which are clear and which are carriers. This litter will be registered. Should all be a nice deep blue, with lots of masks. She will be bred on her next heat cycle, since they’re both being shown in the upcoming ASDR dog shows this spring. She was the last girl in heat this round, so she will be one of the last in heat next time too most likely, in about 4-6 months.

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We have a great lineup of breedings planned for 2022! We are hoping for our best puppies yet!

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We love to get updates on our babies with their families! Seeing pictures of them growing up, or hearing stories about about what they are doing now, always brightens our day!

Our past babies grow up to have all kinds of “jobs.” Whether they are winning in agility trials or the show ring, being hard working ranch dogs, competing in herding competitions, being loyal service dogs, or just being the best loving family pet they can be, it’s always great to hear that a pup from us met their families expectations.

Below are a few of our past pups enjoying their best lives with their families!

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Finn (left) and Cleo (right).
Full sisters from the 2020 Sasha and Lasso litter.



Bella is from the Raeya X Ranch litter.



Jep is from the Raeya and Truffles January 2020 litter.



Storm and Sadie are from the Bandi X Kawliga litter of February 2019. Full sisters to our girl, Sasha.



One of the girls from the Bandi X Hondo standard litter.



Sadie is from the Bandi X Kawliga litter of 2019.



Zeke is a girl from the Peanut X Lasso litter of 2020. Full sister to our boy, Turbo.



The bottle baby from the 2020 Peanut X Lasso litter.



Out of the Sasha X Lasso 2020 litter. Full brother to our boy, Turbo.



Kip is out of the Peanut and Ranch litter.


Bell and Butters

Bell is out of the Peanut and Ranch litter. 
Butters is out of the Raeya and Truffles litter.



Ridge is out of the Bandi X Hondo small standard litter. She belongs to L+H creations.


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