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What is a mini heeler?

Mini Heelers, or otherwise known as Miniature Australian Cattle Dogs, are the perfect, tiny package of a standard Heeler or standard Australian Cattle Dog. 

They are bred down to be smaller in size, most commonly by using the breeding “runts to runts” strategy. Which is what we prefer. They still have the herding drive and brains of a standard size heeler, while being small enough for a nice snooze in your lap at the end of a day!

Breed standard for the mini heeler is to be 17” and below, at the top of the shoulder. Weight isn’t a factor in determining mini or standard, but we use it in describing their sizes. 

We strive to raise the highest quality and healthiest puppies possible. By genetic testing all of our adult dogs and each puppy in the litter, we can determine what each can be a carrier of, to help produce genetically clear puppies that will never be affected by any genetic diseases known to the mini heeler breed. 

Whether you are looking for your next working dog, an agility champ, show ring quality pup, service dog, or just a lifelong family companion, mini heelers are highly functional in lots of different lifestyles.

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From our family to yours

My family has raised and owned standard Heelers for many years, but having a kiddo who was afraid of big dogs, started me on the hunt to find something that would be a perfect fit for our family.

We stumbled onto the miniature Heelers, and we were hooked! We started with one, then I instantly knew that I wanted to start raising them, to help make this great breed become something that more people could own. 

They truly are the perfect breed of dogs to us. I couldn’t imagine our lives without our “fur crew” in it.

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If you are just wanting to day dream over the puppy cuteness, make sure to check back in frequently, as we add photos of our adorable litters of babies as they are born, and update photos of them as they grow up until they leave for their new homes!

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